The First Shanghai International Financial BBS

Activity Time:2018 Jan 13th 09:00 – 2018 Jan 13th 20:00

Activity Place:Shanghai

Activity content

The activity agenda
Check-in at 08:30-09:00.
09:00-09:30  opening ceremony.
09:30-09:40  a group photo.
09:40-11:00  keynote speech "the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up", "looking forward to the future"
11:00-11:15  tea break.
11:15-12:00  round table dialogue 1.
12:00-13:30  lunch.
13:30-15:00  keynote speech "2018 macro economy and financial market"
15:00-15:15  tea break.
Round table dialogue 2.
The meeting of the real estate finance association of fudan university was held in fudan university.
* the agenda is subject to the day.
Guest list (by name of guests)
Chang junhong, director of the research office of China, Japan and the rok.
Chen shi is the secretary of the party organization and the party secretary of the school of economics of fudan university.
Chen weijia fudan alumni club (jiangwan) chairman, Shanghai old street investment group chairman.
Assistant to the President of fudan university.
Ding huanhuan Shanghai yangpu district committee member, deputy district chief.
Bert Hofman is director of China, Mongolia and South Korea of the world bank.
Jiao Yang party secretary of fudan university.
Lin yifu is President of the institute of new structural economics of Peking University and former senior vice President of the world bank.
Qian jun is the dean of the school of international finance at fudan university.
Shen jianguang, managing director and chief economist of mizuho securities Asia LTD.
Shi dejong is President of the real estate finance association of fudan university.
Wei Shang Jin is academic visiting professor of pan hai international finance institute of fudan university.
Xie jiangang Shanghai yangpu district committee deputy secretary, district chief.
Xu hongcai is deputy chief economist and researcher of China international economic exchange center.
Yang yanqing, deputy chief editor of China business daily and President of the first financial research institute.
Zhang jun, dean of school of economics, fudan university.
Zhang yihua, former deputy President of fudan university and vice President of the alumni association of fudan university.
Zheng Yang, secretary of Shanghai finance committee and director of municipal finance office.
Zhu jian guotai junan securities co., LTD. Vice President, investment banking committee President.