FISF EMF International Collidoscope Challenge

Release time:2019-10-12    

The competitive finance industry is in constant need of high-end financial talent. In addition to solid financial knowledge, the creative thinking and practical ability of financial practitioners are also increasingly demanded.

To respond to this industry demand, the Elite Master of Finance (EMF) of Fanhai International School of Finance (FISF) at Fudan University organizes a Challenge called International Collidoscope Challenge (ICC).

ICC aims to provide a platform to invite outstanding university students from all over the world to work together in teams. On this platform, students are empowered to realize their innovative ideas through effective communication and leadership, creative problem-solving ability, close team cooperation, and professional mentor guidance.

At ICC, you will meet the best peers around the globe, experience the most exciting activities, brew the most interesting business ideas under the collision of high-density sparks of thought, and forge an unforgettable friendship in your life.

Application to ICC is now open till November 22, 2019.


December 27-30, 2019


Bund Campus, Fanhai International School of Finance, Fudan University, Shanghai


Dec. 27: Registration and Opening Ceremony

Dec. 28-29: Lectures, Business Plan Workshops, and Group Presentation

Dec. 30: Interview and Closing Dinner

Language: The official language of the Challenge is English.

The event is free of charge to invited attendees. In addition, outstanding applicants are eligible to apply for accommodation and travel stipends. Students with excellent performance in ICC also have the opportunity to win early admissions offer to FISF EMF 2020 intake.

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The first ICC was held in January, 2019. Among over 1,000 applicants worldwide, roughly 70 students were invited to ICC. They come from 34 universities around the world, including New York University (USA), The London School of Economics and Political Science (UK), Universität Mannheim (Germany), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), Seoul National University (South Korea), The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China), National Taiwan University (Taiwan, China), BI Norwegian Business School (Norway), as well as top tier Chinese domestic universities etc.

Join us and experience innovation in China!

We sincerely look forward to seeing you in Shanghai!

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