Gang Zeng

学历信息:Ph.D. in Finance, Peking University

研究方向:Trading Mechanism, Investor Behavior, Market Risk Monitoring, Securities Product Design, Regulatory Technology, Deep Learning, Blockchain


Gang Zeng, Guest Professor of Finance at Fanhai International School of Finance, Fudan University.

Dr. Zeng is currently the Managing Director of the Capital Market Institute of Shanghai Stock Exchange. He has rich research and practical experience in capital market development and regulation, product innovation and risk monitoring. He has served as the senior manager of the Research Center of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, senior manager of the product development department, deputy director of the Capital Market Institute, the head of the market major risk monitoring team and the Department of Market Surveillance II. His research fields mainly include trading mechanism, investor behavior, market risk monitoring, securities product design, regulatory technology, deep learning, blockchain, etc. He participated in the research, design and supervision of ETF, warrants, options and other products of Shanghai Stock Exchange, and led the development of the prototype for market risk monitoring system of Shanghai Stock Exchange.

He earned his doctor degree in Finance from Peking University.

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