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  • Research Center Post-doc Position Shanghai

    FISF is currently recruiting two postdoctoral researchers, engaged in asset pricing and machine learning, corporate finance, international finance and trade, financial measurement and statistics, financial technology, real estate finance, and the opening of the Chinese financial system and other related fields. We warmly welcome doctoral graduates who meet the application requirements and are interested in financial research (especially think tank research) to join. 

    I. Application Requirements 

    1. Compliance with regulations and laws, good behavior with no violation of laws and no other bad records;

    2. The applicant should be the student who recently achieves the doctoral degree or the Ph.D. candidates under 35 years old with healthy conditions;

    3. Full-time postdoctoral research;

    4. Solid foundation in Economics, Finance, Management Theories and high level English;

    5. Professional abilities and dedication in conducting research;

    6. Excellent writing abilities.

    II. Welfares and Benefits

    1. The remuneration system refers to the relevant standards made by Fudan University. FISF provides competitive salary.

    2. Postdoc researchers shall get rewards for their scientific achievements with the same standard of professors and certain labor pay according to the regulations of participating in scientific research projects.

    2. Broad space for career development.

    3. Fudan apartment are available to full-time postdoctoral researchers to rent.

    4. Qualified postdoctoral candidates are allowed to apply for "Fudan Super Postdoctoral Program" or “Shanghai Super Postdoctoral Program”.

    III. Application Materials 

    1. Resume;

    2. Letters of recommendation from doctoral supervisors or equivalent experts of two related disciplines;

    3. Postdoctoral research plan (please confirm the specific topic and research entry point according to the research direction listed above, the format of the plan is not limited, at least should include the purpose and significance of the research, research methods and content framework, research and innovation, etc. More than 5000 words);

    4. A copy of the doctoral diploma and degree certificate (not for fresh PhD graduates);

    5. Doctoral dissertation.

    IV. Other Matters 

    1. Applicants should send the electronic version of the above application materials to rc_fisf@fudan.edu.cn.

    2. The station will organize an interview based on the application materials submitted by the applicant, and select the best. The interview focuses on the applicant's overall quality, professional foundation and research capabilities. The interview time will be announced separately. 

  • ESC Department Head Shanghai

    Major Responsibilities:

    -Setting and maintaining the education system together with the procedure and process of all academic affairs.

    -Utilize the education system and ensure an accurate database for course information, scheduling, grading and evaluation results.

    -Assist with the curriculum development for all degree program and keep quality control.

    -Formulate and supervise on the implement of teaching plan for all degree program.

    -Promote the development of LIVE Learning project.

    -Key contact to communicate with Fudan Graduate School and make sure all degree program’s teaching policies, procedures, and regulations are in line with national requirement.

    -Lead team to make sure the smooth communication between faculty and related program and successfully implement of daily teaching works. 

    Basic Requirements:

    - Master degree or above, higher education administration or other related fields are preferred.

    - Minimum 5-year’s related work experience.

    - Fluent in both written and spoken English and Mandarin.

    - Excellent project management skills and able to work under pressure.

    - Attention to details. 

  • EE Program CSP Project Manager Shanghai

    Major Responsibilities: 

    -Achieve assigned sales target; Work independently to design and develop company specific programs.

    -Work with corporate clients to explore/evaluate their needs. Identify the specific business and/or organizational issues and challenges to be addressed and design a solution to be presented in an educational format.

    -Select appropriate faculty, guest speakers, case studies and teaching methodologies.

    -Monitor programs with coordinator team whenever necessary to ensure that the customer is satisfied, the faculty is delivering the course as promised and appropriate changes are being made in the content and/or process of the program.

    -Coordinate with coordinator team to ensure that all logistical issues are properly arranged and completed.

    -Implement business development plans to prospect client opportunity and meet sales goals.

    -Make sales calls or visit to current and potential clients; maintain a long-term relation with clients.

    -Keep latest trends in business and executive development issues.

    Basic Requirements:

    -Minimum 5 years’ relevant experience including sales, consulting.

    -Business degree required, MBA preferred.

    -A proven understanding of current and future trends in business and the concerns of executives.

    -Ability to be innovative in approaches to educational and management problems.

    -A proven ability to communicate effectively with senor level executives and faculty.

    -Ability to travel and work weekends if need.

    -Ability of excellent presentation skills, business written and fluent spoken English.

    -Quick learner, sound team player.

  • EE Program Key Account Manager Shanghai

    Major Responsibilities:

    -Achieve assigned sales target by promoting and bringing FISF values to our clients and participants.

    -Maintain positive relationship with existing accounts and be able to identify and develop new accounts mainly by direct personal visits.

    -Ensure in-time effective completion of sales leads follow up and be responsible for the result.

    -Lead recruitment of assigned modular program and help coordinate execution and clients’ satisfaction with relevant functional teams.

    -Pay site visits and business development in other assigned territories besides Shanghai.

    -Attend various activities that will promote school programs and generate sales leads.

    -Help create synergies within and cross functional teams. 

    Basic Requirements:

    -Bachelor degree or above.

    -At least 6 years’ experience in sales management in leading consulting or training companies, multinational companies etc.

    -Passionate about executive education, and willing to work in an intellectual environment.

    -Strong problem-solving skills; excellent organization and presentation skills; professional selling skills; and outstanding communication and interpersonal skills.

    -Self-motivated and result-oriented person with team-work spirit.

    -Master in both oral and written English.

    -Willing to travel.

    -Proficient in MS office (Word, Excel), hands-on CRM knowledge is a plus.

  • EMBA Program Ass. Manager/ Manager for Admi Shanghai

    Major Responsibilities:

    International Admissions

    - Support international channel expansion and execution, including on-site engagement in Roadshows.

    - Execute selection processes including filtering, interviewing, and applicant management.

    Relationship with Admission Channels

    - Maintain cooperation in existing recruitment channels.

    - Regularly visit corporate partners and provide feedback on the recent developments of the school and program.

    Domestic Admissions

    - Work with Admissions head to implement yield management strategy.

    - Assist with all the admission event operation. 

    Basic Requirements:

    - Bachelor degree or above, Business administration, marketing and other related majors are preferred.

    - At least 5 years working experience in admissions/marketing/sales function. Preferable with EMBA program admissions experience.

    - Good presentation and communication skills.

    - Professional, self-motivated, strong drive for achievement.

    - Excellent marketing ability and able to work under pressure.

    - Fluent in spoken and written English and Chinese.

    - International experience preferred.

  • MBA Program Marketing Manager Shanghai

    Major Responsibilities:

    Program Branding

    -Coordinate with Marcom to design and print all marketing use materials, incl brochure, e-brochures, flyers, display rack, etc.

    -Manage digital channels including FMBA’s official website, application system, monthly newsletter, and social networks.

    Events Management

    -Aid in execution of key admissions events under the oversight of the Marketing Manager, including general operational execution.

    -Oversee general branding events such as open house and retreat, and act as key contact for school’s annual events such as school’s anniversary, forums, graduation, etc.

    -Plan and execute the Opening and Graduation Ceremony.

    Basic Requirements:

    -Bachelor’s degree or above.

    -Minimum 2 year’s experienced in marketing or event management.

    -Fluent in both written and spoken English.

    -Excellent writing skills and able to work under pressure.

  • EMF Program Marketing Manager Shanghai

    Major Responsibilities:

    Marketing for Admissions

    -Plan and execute a marketing strategy for domestic admission to maximize the reach and effectiveness of admission roadshows and other activities.

    -Overall coordinate and implement recruitment events.

    Program Branding

    -Creating a holistic marketing plan for EMF Program including strategy, budgeting, implementation, tracking, and KPI evaluation.

    -Design and print EMF’s brochures, flyers, display rack, etc.

    -Creating relationships with media firms, applicants, students, alumni, faculty, and different depts. throughout the school for the purpose of content creation for presenting at EMF’s official website, WeChat, Weibo, monthly newsletter and other online and offline platforms.

    -Work closely with Marcom to maintain all communication channels and ensure FISF EMF has regular presence and exposure on social media and related websites worldwide.

    School/Program Events Management

    -Coordinate with Marcom for school level’s events such as forum, lectures, and etc. 

    Basic Requirements:

    -Bachelor’s degree or above.

    -Minimum 2 year’s experienced in marketing or event management.

    -Fluent in both written and spoken English.

    -Excellent writing skills and able to work under pressure.

    -Excellent problem solving, and interpersonal communication skills, as well as the ability to work well within a team.

  • MBA Program Senior Admission Manager Shanghai

    Job Description
    1. Admissions Strategy
    Plan the admission strategy including domestic and international admissions.
    Set yield goals, calendar, and coordinate with marketing to maximize exposure and filtering needs.
    2. Domestic Admission
    Recruiting: develop B2B channels to promote EMBA brand, and plan, organize and participate all domestic admission events with program marketing.
    Selection: set criteria and process for selection, working closely with the admission committee.
    Manage direct communication channels with students and other stakeholders.
    Work with program marketing to ensure an effective marketing/brand strategy as relates to recruitment.
    3. International Admission
    Work with marketing to develop channels for international admissions including direct push, database marketing, online recruiting etc.
    Plan and lead roadshows in international markets.
    Coordinate with Fudan University regarding international admission affairs.

    1. Bachelor’s degree or above, EMBA/MBA preferred .
    2. Minimum 5 years experience in executive education or finance industry, function in business development, customer service or sales is preferred.
    3. Fluent in both written and spoken English.
    4. Excellent program management skills and able to work under pressure.
    5. Excellent problem solving, and interpersonal communication skills, as well as the ability to work well within a team.
    6. Attention to details.

  • MBA Program Marketing Manager Shanghai

    Job Description
    1. Marketing for Admission
    Work with admission manager to plan and execute a marketing strategy for domestic admission to maximize the reach and effectiveness for admission roadshows and other activities
    Work with admission manager to develop and execute an international branding campaign including use of agencies, international events, online communications, distance learning and etc.
    2. Program Branding
    Develop program’s brand handbook and set up brand standards online and offline
    Design and update all related marketing materials including brochures, flyers, display rack and etc.
    Develop and manage digital channels for program including website, social networks, email shots and etc.
    3. Events Management
    Work with admission manager to execute of key admission events, including general operation execution.
    Plan and execute general branding events such as open house, program annual events such as open and graduation ceremony, and act as key contact for school events.

    1. Bachelor’s degree or above, preferred in communication, journalism, marketing or other related fields.
    2. 5-year experience and minimum 2 years experienced in marketing, and interested in finance industry or finance background is preferred
    3. Strong knowledge of international and domestic social media channels, such as wechat, facebook, linkedIn and etc.
    4. Fluent in both written and spoken English.
    5. Excellent writing skills and able to work under pressure.
    6. Excellent communication skills, as well as the ability to work well within a team.
  • Executive Education Class Coordinator Shanghai

    Job Description
    1. Manage classes and coordinate students for higher education programs and other administrative work.
    2. Plan and execute class activities, encourage students to tak part and create class harmony.
    3. Work with Office of Acadamic Affairs and support academic work if necessary.
    4. Formulate Code of Conducts and other rules for students.
    5. Assist in program recruitment and communications.
    6. Assist program supervisers in administrative affairs

    1. Bachelor's degree or above.
    2. Minimum 8 years experience; at least 3 years experience in education.
    3. Excellent communication skills and teamwork.
    4. Fluent in both spoken and written Chinese and English.
  • MARCOM Media Editor Shanghai

    Job Description
    1. Plan, create and deliver contents about the college, programs, students, faculty and research.
    2. Identify significant highlights from the wealth of information about the college, programs, students, faculty and reseach, and bring to audience after flexibly shaping coverage according to media characteristics.
    3. Develop and maintain high-quality collaboration with domestic and overseas media.
    4. Formulate overall strategy for contents development, editing and communication; conduct research and analysis into competing brands.

    1. Master's degree or above in Economy, Finance, Journalism and Communication, or related subjects; minimum 3 years experience in financial journalism, editing, or PR or marketing at financial institutions.
    2. Good knowledge of economy, finance, public communications and characteristics of domestic and international media platforms.
    3. Excellent spoken and written English, overseas study or working experience is preferred, as well as working experience with business schools.
    4. Excellent communication ability; attention to details; strong sense of responsibility and power of execution; able to work under pressure.
  • Education Support Center Teacher Manager Shanghai

    Job Description
    1. Manage academic affairs for Executive Education programs.
    2. Develop and maintain course schdules and coordinate classrooms.
    3. Collect syllabi from professors, coordinate course arrangement and assessments.
    4. Create and manage evaluations for taught courses and related work.

    1. Bachelor’s degree or above
    2. Minimum 5 years experience; at least 2 years experience in education affairs.
    3. Fluent in both spoken and written Chinese and English.
    4. Excellent problem solving and interpersonal communication skills, and able to work in a team
    5. Strong sense of responsibility, interity and kindness.
  • Finance Department Accounting and Tax Manager Shanghai

    Job Description
    1. Participate in the impletmentation, improvement and maintenance of all accounting-related systems (BPM platform, expense control system, purchase contracts review & approval system, budgeting system, etc.) of the college.
    2. Work with Business Development in collecting, checking and recording tuition fees and training fees; coordinate payment collection and invoice affairs with the university Accounting Division.
    3.  Prepare transfer slips, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss sheets
    4. Deal with all tax-related affairs of the college, including non-trade payables.
    5. In charge of all responsibilities of the Accounting and Tax team of the college.
    6. Work closely with external audit and standardize accounting procedures and practices of the college.

    1. Bachelor’s degree or above in accounting or financial management.
    2. Minimum 3 years experience as Accounting & Tax Manager or related roles; experience at MNC is preferred.
    3. Familiar and experienced with ERP (e.g. SAP, SUN, Oracle, etc.) implementation and operation.
    4. Medium Level Accountant or above; internationally recognized accounting certifcate holders are preferred.
    5. Skilled in PPT and Excel.