Full-time Faculty Positions Open

Fanhai International School of Finance (FISF), Fudan University Faculty Positions

A rising star institution is seeking current and future star researchers.

Fanhai International School of Finance (FISF) of Fudan University invites applications for faculty positions at the rank of assistant, associate, or full professors in the areas of finance and economics, and particularly in the areas of corporate finance, consumer finance, asset pricing, capital markets, financial institutions, international finance and trade, financial econometrics and statistics, quantitative finance, macroeconomics, and public finance. Positions are available for appointments starting in July 2018 (flexible).


With a generous donation from the private sector, FISF is set up with high ambitions. It seeks to establish a world class environment for academic research, teaching, and applied research.


Associate or Full Professor:
Applicants for an associate or full professor level appointment must have a track record of excellence in research as evidenced by publications in top scholarly journals, must be engaged in important ongoing research, and must have demonstrated effectiveness in teaching.

Assistant Professor:
Applicants for an assistant professor level appointment should have completed a PhD or are expected to receive one by July 2018. The applicants should have great potential to produce high-quality research and teaching.


We provide competitive compensation packages, generous research fund, and outstanding teaching support. In addition, faculty can obtain substantial financial support from China’s various talent recruitment programs commensurate with the candidate's qualifications and experience. Depending on availability, faculty can also enjoy highly-subsidized on-campus children education from kindergarten to high school. Faculty members hired in 2018-2019 will have a reduced teaching load.


A complete application should include a cover letter, curriculum vitae, three references, one current research paper, and relevant evidence of teaching effectiveness. The application package should be sent electronically to fisf_recruit@fudan.edu.cn. FISF faculty members will be conducting interviews at the 2018 AEA/AFA meetings in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

In 2017, the postdoctoral research center of fudan oceanwide international institute of finance is looking for a brochure.
A rising star institution is seeking current and future star researchers.

Fanhai International School of Finance, Fudan University,Referred to as"FISF”),It is a joint venture between fudan university and Shanghai huangpu district government. It is established in accordance with international first-class standards and focuses on the financial discipline research and education business school. Oceanwide's initial investment of 350 million yuan, a single enterprise in the history of China's education history, is unprecedented for a single college. At the same time, fudan university, one hundred, and as the economic center of Shanghai huangpu district government, will also be in policy and academic, sites on the aspects of resources, linkage system internal and external advantage, all-round support for college. College based on the international financial field, service national financial strategy, shaping top financial talent, achievement's top financial think tank for the mission, strive to through 5 to 8 years of efforts, to construct college into a global financial disciplines commanding heights, with international influence and power, to answer and solve the problem of the financial industry development important practical for the state, local, enterprise innovation drive their power and transform and upgrade and contribute to the world's top financial institute.

The postdoctoral research center of fudan oceanwide international finance institute is now recruiting postdoctoral researchers at home and abroad. We warmly welcome the PhD graduates who meet the application conditions and are interested in the economic and financial research work (especially the think tank) to do research work in the mobile station.

1. Member of the expert group of post-doctoral research stations of fudan university.

Stationmaster: professor qian jun.
成员: 魏尚进教授; 张纯信教授;应志良教授;陈诗一教授;刘庆富教授;高华声教授

2. Training objectives.

1)、Train top researchers for Chinese universities. After two years of study, I can complete international first-class academic papers and serve as a lecturer (or above) in a first-class university in China.

2)、In addition to entering universities, post-doctoral students can enter various financial institutions (e.g., Banks, securities fund companies, SFC, etc.) to become important researchers.

3.Application conditions.

1).Abide by the law, good conduct, no violation of laws and regulations;

2).A new PhD candidate, or a PhD candidate who is about to receive a PhD, is under 35 years of age and is in good health.

3).Having the conditions for postdoctoral research work in full production;

4).Have the professional ability and professionalism to complete the postdoctoral research work;

5).Outstanding writing ability.

4.The research direction

1) corporate finance 2) asset pricing 3) consumer finance 4) capital market 5) international finance and trade. 6) financial measurement and statistics 7) financial engineering 8) quantitative finance 9) macroeconomics 10) Internet finance. 11) financial science 12) financial institutions 14) real estate. 15) the openness and security of China's financial system.

5. The application materials

1) Resume;

2) Letters of recommendation from two related doctoral supervisors or equivalent experts;

3) Postdoctoral research proposal (please confirm the specific topic and research entry point and plan according to the research direction listed above. The format is not limited, at least should include research purpose and significance, research method and content frame, research innovation. Content, no more than 5000 words);

4) A copy of the doctor's diploma and degree certificate;

5) Doctoral dissertation and three academic masterpieces;

6. In compensation

1)Annual salary can reach 500,000 RMB, including basic annual salary (150,000-300,000) and bonus based on research results;

2、The postdoctoral apartment provided by fudan university can be accommodated in the case of quota permit;

3、The children can attend the kindergarten, primary school and secondary school of fudan university.

7. Other matters

1. Please send the electronic version of the above application materials: fisf_postdoc@fudan.edu.cn。

2. I will organize the interview according to the application materials submitted by the applicant and choose the best one. The interview focuses on the applicant's comprehensive quality, professional foundation and research ability. The interview time will be announced separately.