Full-time Faculty Positions Open

Faculty Positions at the Rank of Associate, or Full Professors in Finance and Economics

Location: Shanghai, CHINA


Applicants for an associate or full professor level appointment must have a track record of excellence in research as evidenced by publications in top scholarly journals, must be engaged in important ongoing research, and must have demonstrated effectiveness in teaching.


Each applicant should prepare a package with the following items:
1) A cover letter;
2) A copy of the latest curriculum vitae;
3) Relevant evidence of teaching effectiveness (if available);
4) One current research paper;
5) Three confidential reference letters.
The application package should be sent electronically to fs_fisf@fudan.edu.cn.


We provide competitive compensation packages, generous research fund, and outstanding teaching support. In addition, faculty support department will help the faculty to apply for the various talent programs and the research grants in China.


If you have further questions, please contact Ms. Han Wang at hanwang@fudan.edu.cn.
For the information about the Fanhai International School of Finance, please visit our website: http://www.fisf.fudan.edu.cn/en.