Delivered at two campuses, FISF EE Programs gather world-class financial experts, faculty and policy makers to create a platform of lifelong learning for financial professionals and executives in other sectors. Covering financial theories and practice, our programs focus on the elements key to future growth and leadership improvement.

Excellent Participants
The participants communicate with faculties and entrepreneurs, also develop friendship with their peers, cope with challenges and develop themselves together.

Strong Alumni Network
Alumni network is an important criteria of a world-class university. Fudan university enjoys an active and strong alumni network around the world, whose members share a common value, develop their potentials to ardently serve the society.

Strengths and Advantages

Esteemed Group of Scholars and Faculties Worldwide
The faculties include experts and scholars from top business schools and senior executives of industries with rich practical experiences globally.

Professional EE Team
All members in the EE team have over 10 years working experience in top business schools, who are passionate about education. They implement every step in the program with a great sense of professionalism and responsibilities, including pre-class communication, on-site support, and after-class feedback.

Strategic Cooperation with Top-class International Business Schools
In order to provide participants with advanced knowledge about the international financial system, progressive management concepts, current and future trend about the political and financial structure, FISF not only develops and launches collaborative curriculum with top business schools worldwide, but also offers China knowledge and practices.

FISF develops programs with top business schools globally to encourage international study and communication, helping participants to gain knowledge about the global financial system as well as the trends in international politics and economics, equip themselves with the latest concepts of management and take the lead in the future development.