International financial sea school of fudan university senior management education (EE) program, linkage double campus teaching, both at home and abroad hand in hand's top financial experts, professors, and policy makers, in order to finance as the main line, focusing on the future growth enterprise development core elements, to improve entrepreneurial leadership, make financial professionals and other industries top managers of lifelong learning communication platform.

Project vision

We are committed to developing financial professionals and entrepreneurs who have a wealth of international vision and knowledge of the world's leading financial theory and industry management practices.

Project objectives

To help China's economic innovation, transformation and globalization, to help senior managers of various industries to improve their financial theory and practice ability to cope with the future competition pattern of enterprises.

Teaching service team
All have 10 years experience in famous business school qualifications, love education career and students with zero communication, classroom learning before class, after class communication, with high sense of responsibility to perform and carry out the project.

Rich alumni resources.
The alumni network is an important indicator of the world's leading universities. Fudan university has a strong network of alumni, with a strong team and active organization. The alumni share common values and are able to create value and serve society at all levels of economic development.

Project features and advantages.

The top professors and experts from home and abroad are teaching together.
Experts and academics from the world's top business schools and industry leaders.

High quality students
With leaders, exchanges with top entrepreneurs, sharing the friendship, sharing challenges, and working together for the future.

10/5000 Study tour of famous and famous enterprises at home and abroad.
Mobile classroom integration of the top business schools at home and abroad transnational learning and communication, let the students know the global financial system, the advanced management idea, know the world political and economic pattern, outwit the future development trend.