Fanhai International School of Finance, Fudan University(FISF) is a business school founded in accordance with the management model and standards of the world's leading business schools, focusing on high-end financial talent education and financial think-tank research. The school was founded in late 2016 and officially opened in June 2017, with a core faculty team composed of outstanding scholars recruited from around the world.

FISF aspires to ascend to the league of world-class business schools with global and domestic influence in the next 5 to 8 years. To this end, the School is committed to educate future leaders through innovative, best-in-class pedagogy. It is also determined to spearhead cutting-edge research that will further our understanding of the Chinese and international economies and inform decision-making in the public as well as private sectors.

A great school needs great people. That is why FISF is building a core faculty of more than 50 world-renowned scholars as tenured and termed professors, all with proven track records in research and teaching. They will be joined by a team of clinical professors who hold key positions in international organizations, government agencies and successful enterprises to complement classroom learning with their wealth of real-world experience.

In September 2023, the undergraduate financial program GBF (in the direction of fintech) has enrolled its first cohort of students. The Elite Master of Finance Program (EMF), Finance MBA Program, Finance EMBA Program and CUHK-FISF DBA Program have started class officially, and the open courses and internal training courses of The Executive Education Program (EE) are in full operation now. FISF is also advancing the double-degree cooperation in all respects with the College of Engineering, Columbia University. Meanwhile, FISF creatively launched the online Fudan financial education, which has become a golden name card of the online education of Fudan University. Furthermore, multiple programs such as Doctoral Program in Finance will also come onto the stage, contributing to the construction of the series of internationalized high-end financial education products most sound and complete in China. 

In addition to an outstanding faculty and world-class programs, FISF’s strategic advantage is further strengthened by the two privileged campus locations – one in the centennial Fudan University in Yangpu District, another in the newly developed Financial Innovation Pilot Zone at the Bund, providing convenient access to professionals working in the city.

With the strong support from key stakeholders and its commitment to academic excellence, FISF strives to become one of the world’s leading business schools for finance, serving business communities in China and beyond.