Fudan International School of Finance (FISF for short) is a business school founded on the basis of the management model and standard of a world-class business school focusing on high-end financial talent cultivation and academic think tank research in the financial field. The school was founded at the end of 2016 and officially started school in June 2017, with a core teaching faculty consisting of excellent scholars recruited worldwide.

Sticking to the school mission of “broadening the global vision, serving national financial strategies, shaping top financial talents and achieving leading financial think tanks” and the “Three World-class” goal of “world-class academic research and discipline construction, world-class teaching projects and high-end talent cultivation and world-class think tank research and social influence”, the school has developed into a truly internationalized world-top financial school that occupies the commanding point of global financial discipline, has international influence and discursive power, can actually answer and settle major real-world problems existing in the development of the financial industry. The school contributes its own strength to the innovative drives, transformation and upgrading at national, local and enterprise levels.

FISF has managed to recruit and organize a top international teaching team consisting of 56 people, including 25 full-time professors, 21 distinguished and practice professors and 10 visiting and chair professors. Among the staff, all the senior professors have acquired tenured titles in globally renowned business schools, and act as academic pacesetters in their respective fields of financial and economic disciplines, having a wide knowledge of both ancient and modern times and of both China and western countries. Meanwhile, practice professors, visiting professors and part-time professors from various international organizations, government units and senior management of enterprise institutions are all willing to set an example by personally taking part in the financial practices taught to students, helping them integrate knowledge and action and pursue excellence and perfection.

So far, FISF has officially launched a series of programs, including financial undergraduate (oriented to fintech), Elite Master of Finance, Financial MBA, Financial EMBA and CUHK-FISF Joint DBA, and has made fruitful achievements in the Executive Education Public Course and internal training courses. Additionally, the innovatively launched Online Financial Education of Fudan University has become a whole new, golden name card for Fudan University. Meanwhile, the dual degree program between FISF and Columbia Engineering is being promoted comprehensively, and a financial doctoral program is also to be officially launched, further contributing to the construction of an internationalized high-end financial education product series most complete in China.

The school has two campuses at Handan Campus of Fudan University and Huangpu, Shanghai. With a location in an advantageous financial area, first-rate hardware facilities, and a rich financial academic culture, FISF aims to fully serve the construction and development of government authorities, financial institutions and enterprise organizations, as well as the planning and implementation of national strategies like Shanghai International Financial Center and Global Science and Technology Innovation Center.
Not only do we cultivate successful entrepreneurs familiar with finance, we also shape modern financiers knowledgeable of enterprise operations!
Not only do we impart knowledge of financial science, we also enlighten the beauty of financial culture!