FISF Research Center

The FISF Research Center, adhering to its long-cherished mission—Excellence, Responsibility and Innovation, strives for an open platform combined with Politics, Industry, Education and Research through a gathering of those high-end financial talents from not only academic and industrial circles, but also governments and international organizations at home and abroad. All this contributes to the interdisciplinary integration of scientific research resources, the team training of scientific researchers and the promotion of school-enterprise cooperation as well as enhancing the influence of FISF in an all-round way. Through the Research Center, FISF attracts more and stronger talents with higher education, specialized skills and professional knowledge with its continuous efforts to make researches in the issues related to China’s Economy, which raises the research levels and results in a rapid way.

Since the foundation of FISF, the FISF Research Center has made phased progress in its core research areas. At present, there are four branch research centers affiliated to FISF, which are Fintech Research Center, Marco Finance Research Center, Green Finance Research Center and Real Estate Finance Research Center. The Research Center not only plays a critical role in cultivating financial talents of new generation as well as enhancing scientific research and cooperation among nations, but also undertakes crucial tasks in top-class discipline construction of Fiscal and Financial Science.