Program Overview

Fudan University has a long tradition and rich experience in finance education.It is one of the first universities that offer finance doctoral degree and post-doc positions,and also the only university in which finance is the national key discipline.

The Finance EMBA program(FEMBA) of Fudan International School of Finance, Fudan University is aimed at cultivating global business leaders who command the financial thinking and lead the industry into future.

The FEMBA program of Fudan Internatioanl School of Finance, Fudan University creates its unique iF³ educational model. “i”refers to international, while the meaning of F³ is three-folded: Fudan, FISF and Finance. The Program focuses on finance but is more than finance.Bases on the concept of financial empowerment, the program aims to provide an endless driving force for long-term growth.




Program Feature

Global Platform,Insight into Opportunities

FISF integrate the learning platforms of Europe and the U.S., whose courses are certificated by the top business school and bring together the communication platform of financial experts from all over the world to help entrepreneurs to look forward to the global industry investment and financing trends.

Field-specific Study,Double-Lecturers System

Introducing the international advanced action learning system, FISF innovatively launches the "academic professor + corporate executives" double-lecturers system to design the curriculums and give the lectures, which eliminates the problem of theory-practice gap in traditional education.

Fudan Academy,Master Degree

As the top financial school in East China, with academic background of over a century, Fudan University will award the qualified students with a graduate diploma and a degree of master.


Concentrated in Finance,Empowering the Industry

Financial-related courses account for approximately 80% of the total. FISF systematically equip. entrepreneurs with solid base of knowledge, establish financial thinking, and upgrade management modes.

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