The finance industry and its demand for talent is highly dynamic. Against this backdrop, the role of the PDC is twofold: to help our students realize their career goals, and to supply talent to the industry, both domestically and internationally. To this end, the Center establishes a vast partnership network with companies across different sectors, facilitating graduates and companies to find their perfect match. By providing the highest quality services to its students, alumni and industry partners, the Center envisions becoming the best of its kind in the Asia Pacific region.

The PDC provides a comprehensive range of services to ensure our graduates are workplace-ready. These services are delivered in form of a two-year program. From admission to graduation, students would gain insights into the finance industry, learn about its unwritten rules and how to survive and succeed. Students would also benefit from the wealth of experience of our career advisors, Fudan alumni and senior industry executives serving as career mentors – together, they form the Center's ‘support pyramid’.

The PDC consists of three teams: Career Services Office,Extended Learning Office,Corporate Relations Office

Career Services Office (CSO)
Career Services Office

The CSO is the strategic interface between students and the industry. With the help of our Career Services Advisors, students would develop their career goals and secure internship opportunities at the early stage of their studies. Upon graduation, the CSO would refer to our industry partners the best-suited talent.

Extended Learning Office (ELO)
Extended Learning Office

The ELO offers a wide range of extra-curricular training, with the aim to instill professionalism in our students and to equip them with the non-academic knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the workplace. Courses include leadership, problem-solving, teamwork, communication and inter-cultural training.

Corporate Relations Office (CRO)
Corporate Relations Office

The CRO is responsible for industry outreach and forming strategic partnerships with companies in different financial sectors.