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Customized Courses

According to different management and direction to finance as the main line, focusing on defining the core elements of the senior management projects, meet different management problems and industry development trend of the present study demand. The course adopts teaching models such as theory, case, multi-dimension, and overseas study tour, which aims to help finance professionals and entrepreneurs to rapidly improve their financial practices and leadership.

Chinese enterprise internationalization course.

A growing number of Chinese companies are making acquisitions around the world, while global mergers and acquisitions are reshaping companies and competition. In order to help the company gain strategic advantages, this course will help you to understand the whole process of m&a, from the target recognition strategy and the company's collaborative analysis to the combined management. Through learning strategy, valuation, investment and financing, negotiation, and post-management framework and tools, further reduce business costs and improve enterprise performance.

Create a future entrepreneurship course.

The pursuit of corporate growth is a long-term business challenge. This course aims to help successful entrepreneurs use financial tools to help enterprises develop sustainably. You will learn how to effectively use financial analysis techniques to work with capital markets and financial institutions to make the business sustainable and successful.

Real estate finance practical courses.

This course will focus on the real estate industry is currently faced with the challenge, by exploring the latest capital combination, financial analysis, the existing resources, such as innovative design in order to improve the student's ability to cope with the challenge of the new business environment.