Business Elites Meeting at FISF Fudan University, Start of Chinese Enterprises’ Globalization · M& A Course

Release time:2018-05-28     information sources:FISF

On the 20th day of April, the Opening Ceremony of Chinese Enterprises’ Globalization· M& A Course”, the first open course of an EE program of Fanhai International School of Finance, Fudan University (FISF Fudan University), took place at Huangpu Campus of the school and over 40 students from famous enterprises and financial institutions started their journey to the first course “Chinese Enterprises’ Globalization· M & A”.

The Opening Ceremony was chaired by Mr. Li Yuanhong, Vice Director of EED, FISF. Prof. Ge Jianxiong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Eleventh and Twelfth National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Member of the History Department of the Social Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Professor of the Institute of Chinese Historical Geography, Fudan University, Prof. Wang Deyao, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Publishing Association and Director of the Academic Committee, Prof. Shao Renhou, Deputy Secretary of Fudan University Alumni Association, Prof. Qian Jun, Executive Director of FISF Fudan University, Prof. Gao Huasheng, Vice President of Scientific Research, FISF Fudan University, Prof. Zhang Chunxin, Associate Dean of FISF Fudan University attended the opening ceremony.

The FISF set “Chinese Enterprises’ Globalization· M& A Course” by integrating resources of all fields such as global top educational experts, M&A frontiers industry leaders and think tank experts. The core lecturer team is top in Chinese M & A and capital market education field, including reputed academic and industrial experts such as Prof. Qian Jun, Executive Dean of the school, Prof. Ba Shusong, Chief Economist of Hong Kong Exchange, Qingping, Professor of Financial Policy and Practice who was specially invited by the school  and Chairman of China Securities Finance Co., Ltd. Mao Zhirong, Managing Director of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Ding Guorong, Vice General Manager of Silk Road Fund, Prof. Ge Jianxiong, Institute of Chinese Historical Geography, Fudan University, Qi Bin, Vice General Manager of China Investment Co., Ltd., Fan Wenzhong, Director of the International Department of China Banking Regulatory Commission.

At the opening Ceremony, Prof. Qian Jun, Executive Dean of the school, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the school. He pointed out, General Secretary Xi has expressly said “Chinese will keep reforming” at Boao Forum, which brought a new round of significant opportunities for Chinese Enterprises’ Globalization. With the acceleration of globalization and economic integration, the trend of China’s economy going abroad to integrate into the world is unstoppable. Chinese companies should be open-minded and based on international perspectives; they should take M & A as an effective mean for a leap-forward globalization development and deploy on global industrial chain and commodity market. At the same time, the complexity of global geopolitics, the ever-changing relations between governments, the ongoing economic development, the constant emergence of new technologies, and the realization of new business models have become huge challenges to the globalization of Chinese companies. Chinese Enterprises’ Globalization· M& A Course was born in such background. The course was designed in three dimensions: global corporate M & A process, industrial structure integration and upgrading, and linkage to capital market, providing students with a professional and comprehensive theoretical system and the latest international and domestic classical cases and practical experiences to effectively solve the difficulties and challenges faced by the students’ companies in the “going out” process, enhance the globalization process of enterprises, and cultivate financers who know Chinese companies and entrepreneurs who are familiar with the capital market.

In the speech, Prof. Wang Deyao, Deputy Chairman of the Shanghai Publishing Association and Director of the Academic Committee, pointed out that the FISF’s Chinese Enterprises' Globalization• M&A Course is a significant historical contribution to the development of China’s society by bringing together business leaders to discuss the economic development of China and the world. The entire course is closely related to the hot topics of globalization to guide students in the whole M&A process and industrial integration and upgrading process. During the learning process, the students will learn to ask questions and find answers, conduct integration and practice, realize reflection and promotion so as to obtain outstanding ability of investment and acquisition during the course of global integration. Many of the theoretical perspectives and selected cases of the M&A Course are proposed to be published as a M&A textbook for business schools.

Zhang Bo, Vice Chairman & President of China Minsheng Trust Co., Ltd., made a speech as the representative of the first class. According to his speech, FISF Fudan University, is a new type of business school founded in the context of the new economy. High-end educational platforms and top faculty can provide students with more resources and energy. At present, the trade game between China and US is constantly escalating. The globalization of enterprises conforms to the trend of the times and development strategies of China. M & A is an important approach to capital expansion. In the past, we considered traditional business M & A based on traditional experience. Chinese Enterprises’ Globalization M&A Course will lead us back to the classroom and systematically study and think about M & A in a clearer theoretical framework.

Prof. Li Yuanhong, Assistant Director of EED in the school, gave a detailed introduction to the study arrangements of the first class. Teacher Li said that the school team will provide the best quality teaching services; all faculty of the FISF will work together to create a dream and achieve their common goal -“developing entrepreneurs who understand finance and financiers who know business”. We will also lead entrepreneurs to enhance the comprehensive humanistic quality by Fudan’s advantages in humanism. We expect to work with the first M & A class in studying finance and humanity and believe FIST will become a wonder for the participation of the new students.

After the ceremony, the first class of the Chinese Enterprises’ Globalization •M&A Course was officially opened. Prof. Ge Jianxiong of the Institute of Chinese Historical Geography taught the first lesson:“From the Silk Road to the B & R”; in the afternoon, Mr. Ding Guorong, Vice General Manager of Silk Road Fund, taught the “ Financial Challenges and Opportunities brought by B & R”. After the class, “Spanish Piano Prince” Mario, also a student of the first class presented all attendees ann elegant and gorgeous solo concert with a top-level Steinway piano donated by Zhu Wenyu, Chairman of Zhiyin Culture and also the student of the first class. From music works of Chopin, Liszt, and other world masters, to the familiar “Caiyunzhuiyue”, “I Love You, China" and “Jasmine”, the music performances were romantic interpretations of the fusion and collision between East and West classical music.

In the future, by using the most representative M&A cases, the most rigorous academic spirit, and the most advanced teaching resources, the school will help students integrate the cases and concepts, make clear the complicated M&A procedures, solve M&A problems in operational practices, reduce business risks and costs and optimize global industrial layout to obtain competitive advantages and achieve strategic goals. On the way of constructing the world’s top financial academy and cultivating top financial talents, FISF will always follow its spirit of excellence, responsibility, and innovation.