“Leadership of Finance” Intensive Training Camp for CEOs of Listed Companies in Dafeng District Closed

Release time:2018-05-29     information sources:FISF

On the 13th day of April, FISF-organized “Leadership of Finance” Intensive Training Camp for CEOs of Listed Companies in Dafeng District was closed.

During the 4-day intensive training, the experts and tutors including Prof. Qian Jun, Executive Dean of FISF Fudan University, Prof. Gao Huasheng, Vice Dean of Research, Prof. Hua Min, Development of World Economy of Fudan University, Prof. Chen Yamin, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Chen Jiwu, GM of Shanghai Kaishi Investment Management Co., Ltd. delivered the concepts of globalization and modern finance and widen the horizon of corporate strategic development in the aspects such as macroeconomics, operation of domestic and foreign capital markets, internationalization of Chinese enterprises, layout of emerging industries in the country, and governance of listed companies.

The experts and tutors not only analyzed theoretical knowledge in detail, but also shared the practical applications of theories in enterprises in different development phases. By incorporating frontier theories into practices, they taught the managers how to optimize the choice of strategic layout, how to select information noises and how to complete the real transformation from a manager to a leader to enhance the comprehensive corporate leadership of each trainee. In addition to theoretical teaching and case study, the experts and tutors also arranged the links of experience sharing and Q & A. They discussed the enterprise development dilemma and solutions in depth so as to make the training truly effective and targeted.

In the Training Camp, the trainees also participated in the “B & R” Market Creation and Development Forum hosted by the school. They heard the detailed explanations of Hans Peter Lankes, VP of the World Bank Group International Finance Corporation (IFC), Zhou Hanmin, Standing Committee member of CPPCC National Committee, Vice Chairman of Central Committee of CNDCA, Director Member of Shanghai Committee of CNDCA and Vice Chairman of CPPCC Shanghai Municipal Committee and other top global experts explained about “B & R”. At the forum, all parties shared the profound connotation of the new kinetic energy created by the “B & R” construction and the practical experience accumulated in the interconnection of infrastructure construction in the perspectives including government, international organizations and think tanks so as to enhance the trainees’ understanding on the “B & R” initiatives and further help them to make clear the strategic thinking of the globalization of the enterprise.

The trainees highly praised the first-class experts and tutors resources and rich and comprehensive course schedules provided by the school. Most of them said, in this Intensive Training Camp, they have understood and mastered the knowledge of the macroeconomic situation, industrial layout, capital operation, and corporate governance, got optimized strategic thinking of enterprise and received valuable advices about the practical challenges in business.

The senior managers taking part in this “Leadership of Finance” intensive training were the first group of trainers of the school. In the future, depending on the first –class faculty in the world, the school will keep providing the students with the most cutting-edge financial concepts, developing students’ keen business thinking and global vision and helping companies create and maintain competitive advantages in this changing business environment. During the process of constructing a top financial school and serving the real economy, we will keep moving ahead and never forget our mission.