Industry seminars

The PDC regularly invites industry experts and senior executives to share their experience and thoughts on current topics that are also pertinent to students’ study curriculum.

One-to-one career counselling

At the beginning of each term, our Career Services Advisors would meet with students on a 1-1 basis to help them develop their career goals and plans. The advice given is highly customized according to individual interests, values, abilities and goals. There are ‘interview clinics’ where students can practice their interview skills.

Corporate mentor program

The career development center will invite industry executives and successful business people from the financial industry to become corporate mentors of the school. Through the teacher to student's interaction and guidance, share mentor's life experience and wisdom, to help students grow and develop, help college to cultivate talents, and promote entrepreneur brand and reputation.

Company visits

Regular visits to some of the leading finance companies are organized for students to get a glimpse of front-line operations and company cultures in the real world.

Advice on job application writing

CV is not only a tool for finding a job but also very helpful for a young person to reflect on his/her journey, and subsequently, identify strengths and weaknesses. Our Career Services Advisors would provide individualized feedback to each and every student on their CVs and cover letters, and advise on online job applications.

Résumé catalogue and personal marketing

The PDC publishes a résumé catalogue for every cohort and distributes copies to its network of industry partners. It is a great platform for students to market themselves as many companies use the catalogue to find their future employees.

Interview clinics

Companies often require job candidates to go through numerous rounds and types of interviews. The PDC offers mock sessions for line manager interviews, senior management interviews, behavioral interviews, group interviews etc., so students are prepared for different scenarios.


Summer internship is a compulsory component of our full-time EMF program. PDC coordinates the entire process, including liaison, position searching, and application management.

Recruitment events

The PDC invites and assists leading companies to organize campus recruitment events around mid-September every year. These are great opportunities for students to meet with and impress their prospective employers in person.

Career development services for alumni

Career development is a long journey that goes well beyond one’s time in university. Even after leaving FISF, our alumni can still benefit from the services offered by the CSO and ELO.