FISF welcomes companies from across the finance industry to play a part in educating leaders of the future. Specific collaboration opportunities include:

Practice Instructors / Professors

For every module, we invite four industry executives with the relevant expertise to be our Practice Instructors / Professors. They would help design projects for students to undertake and provide guidance, demonstrating how learning in the classroom can be applied in the real world.

Industry mentors

Life lessons are not something that can be learned from books. That is why we want veterans of the finance industry who have ‘been there, done that’ to inspire our students with their stories of success (and sometimes failure), and to help them see their career paths in the long run.

Workplace skills training

The PDC regularly invites experts from different financial sectors to facilitate the professionalism workshops that the Center offers. The goal is to equip our students with a range of essential workplace skills, such as leadership, problem-solving and teamwork, which would help them succeed in their careers.

Company visits

Company visits are a great way to help students validate their classroom learning. They can also get a taste of real-world operations and corporate cultures through observation and interaction with the practitioners.

Summer internships

Internship is an effective way for companies to identify and recruit talent. The PDC provides a one-stop service to our internship partners – from applicant screening to performance evaluation, taking away the administrative hassles of the process. That way, both students and employers can focus on what really matters.