Full-time professor recruitment

Faculty Positions at the Rank of Assistant, Associate, or Full Professors in Finance and Economics

Location: Shanghai, CHINA
Available for the appointments starting from July 1st, 2019


1)Applicants must hold a PhD degree in Finance or Economics, completed by August 2019 (for the assistant professor positions).
2)Other qualifications include a strong research orientation, a strong commitment to high quality teaching in English and/or Chinese, and the Ability to supervise postgraduate students.
3)Applicants for senior positions should have documented excellence in research as evidenced by publications in top academic journals.

Each applicant should prepare a package with the following items:

1) A cover letter;
2) A copy of the latest curriculum vitae;
3) Evidence of teaching effectiveness (if available);
4) Job market paper and representative publications/working papers (if any);
5) Three confidential reference letters.

Please submit your electronic application materials via the following link: http://fms.fisf.com.cn
We will interview the candidates at the AFA meeting in Atlanta, GA.

Salary: Competitive
Start Date: Now
Application Deadline: 12/10/ 2018

FURTHER INFORMATION: If you have further questions, please contact Ms. Han Wang at hanwang@fudan.edu.cn

For the information about the Fanhai International School of Finance, please visit our website:Http://www.fisf.fudan.edu.cn/en

About the School

Fanhai International School of Finance (FISF), Fudan University, is a world-class business school for finance research and education. Founded in 2016, it is the result of a successful multilateral collaboration among Fudan University, China Oceanwide Holdings Group and the Huangpu District, Municipal People’s Government of Shanghai. The School is named after China Oceanwide Holdings Group (known as ‘Fanhai’ in Chinese) as a way to cement its recognition to the patron’s generous endowment of RMB1 billion, the largest sum ever donated by an enterprise to an educational institute in the history of China.

FISF aspires to become one of the world’s most influential schools of finance not only by educating future leaders through best-in-class pedagogy, but also by being a leading finance think-tank that spearheads cutting-edge research contributory to the economic development of China and the world.

At the helm is a growing faculty of finance experts, among them, termed and tenured professors with distinguished track records in research and teaching as well as clinical professors who are prominent figures in international organizations, government agencies and successful enterprises. Together, they create the ideal synergy between theory and practice.

A rising star institution is seeking current and future star researchers.

复旦大学泛海国际金融学院(Fanhai International School of Finance, Fudan University,简称FISF)是按照国际一流商学院管理模式和标准创办,专注于高端金融人才教育和金融领域智库研究的商学院。学院以立足国际金融视野,服务国家金融战略,塑造顶级金融人才,成就顶级金融智库为使命,力争通过5-8年的努力,将学院建设成为占据全球金融学科制高点,具有国际影响力和话语权,能够切实回答并解决金融业发展重大现实问题,为国家、地方、企业的创新驱动和升级转型献计献力的世界顶级金融学院。

复旦泛海国际金融学院博士后科研流动站现面向国内外招聘博士后研究人员。热忱欢迎符合申请条件、有志于经济和金融研究工作 (特别是智库研究)的博士毕业生来流动站从事研究工作。

一、 复旦泛海国际金融学院博士后科研流动站专家组成员

站长: 钱军教授
成员: 魏尚进教授; 张纯信教授;应志良教授;陈诗一教授;刘庆富教授;高华声教授



2、除了进入高校, 博士后出站后,可以进入各类金融机构(如,银行,证券基金公司,证监会等)成为重要的研究人员。








1. Corporate Finance 2. Asset Pricing 3. Consumer Finance 4. Capital Market 5. International Finance and Trade 6. Financial Measurement and Statistics 7. Financial Engineering 8. Quantitative Finance 9. Macroeconomics 10. Internet Finance 11. Finance Xue 12, Financial Technology 13, Financial Institutions 14, Real Estate 15, China's Financial System Openness and Security

V. Application materials

1. Resume;

2. Letters of recommendation from doctoral supervisors or equivalent experts of two related disciplines;

3. Postdoctoral research plan (please confirm the specific topic and research entry point according to the research direction listed above, the format of the plan is not limited, at least should include the purpose and significance of the research, research methods and content framework, research and innovation, etc. More than 5000 words);

4. A copy of the doctoral diploma and degree certificate;

5. Doctoral dissertation and three academic masterpieces;

6. Remuneration package

1. The annual salary can reach 500,000 RMB, including the basic annual salary (150,000-300,000) and the bonus based on the research results;

2. If the quota is allowed, you can stay at the post-doctoral apartment provided by Fudan University;

3. If the quota is allowed, the children can enroll in the kindergarten, primary school and middle school affiliated to Fudan University.

Seven other matters

1. Applicants should send the electronic version of the above application materials to fisf_postdoc@fudan.edu.cn.

2. The station will organize an interview based on the application materials submitted by the applicant, and select the best. The interview focuses on the applicant's overall quality, professional foundation and research capabilities. The interview time will be announced separately.