Pre-program Orientation




Semester 1 - 3

● Compulsory Core


Corporate Finance and Governance
Portfolio Theory and Investments
Financial Accounting
Macroeconomics - A Theoretical and Practical Study of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics & International Finance

Strategy/Decision Making/Management

Strategy Management
Statistics and Decision Making
Organization Behavior and Human Resource

Humanities & Social Sciences

Dialectics of Nature

LIVE Learning Projects

Learning through Integrated Vicarious Experience

L.I.T.E. Courses

Leadership, Innovation, Team Spirit and Ethics

Overseas Modules

Students who complete overseas module in our partner academic institutes will receive certificate accordingly.

● Specialized Electives

Primary Market

Complete 8 credits in Primary Market directions will receive study certificate accordingly

Secondary Market

Complete 8 credits in Secondary Market directions will receive study certificate accordingly

Real Estate Finance/GREM

Students who complete the Global Real Estate Master (GREM) in University of Wisconsin will receive Master degree of Global Real Estate program from WISC.

Technology & Finance Innovation/Specialized Finance/Others

Semester 4

● Thesis Defense

* Curriculum is subject to change

Compulsory Core and Specialized Electives

The course design for the FMBA PT + program not only has the depth of professional knowledge, but also expands the breadth of the financial knowledge structure. The foundation determines the superstructure, and a solid theoretical background is required in practice.

LIVE(Learning through Integrated Vicarious Experience)

The FMBA PT + program uses innovative teaching methods of LIVE combined with financial theory courses to help students solve practical problems while understanding theoretical knowledge. 4-5 students form a learning group, and under the joint guidance of the instructor professor and industry lecturer, use the theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom to solve practical problems in the real business world, deepen the understanding and mastering of theoretical knowledge in the process of thinking and analyzing problems, and even form their own unique knowledge system.

In the compulsory core, students can choose a LIVE course with extended courses for deep learning before the start of each module course according to their learning interests. At the stage of professional elective courses, different professional directions will have corresponding LIVE courses to choose from, to improve the understanding of the professional direction. Finally, students learn through different LIVE courses in order to master the methods of exploring the essence of things, and use skills, algorithms, techniques or methods to solve problems, and even reorganize knowledge elements into new knowledge models or systems.

L.I.T.E.(Leadership, Innovation, Team Spirit, Ethics)

With the development of financial globalization, higher requirements have been placed on the cultivation of financial talents. Looking at the world, world-class business schools such as Wharton Business School, Stanford University Business School and the University of Chicago Booth Business School all offer courses in leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship, and business ethics. In order to complete the goal and mission of the FMBA PT + program of Fudan International School of Finance, which has comprehensive capabilities in financial theory and practice, an international vision, innovative thinking and a sense of responsibility, this course is specially set up.

The course will run through the entire FMBA PT+ study, covering leadership training, innovation and entrepreneurship, teamwork, business ethics, and social responsibility. Through concentrated lectures, lectures, workshops, and corporate visits, students will know and understand themselves. Learn to recognize and accept others, find a leadership style that suits you, and cultivate leadership and creative thinking. At the same time, through a series of humanities appreciation and public welfare activities, cultivate teamwork ability, broaden horizons and patterns, and enhance the sense of social responsibility and mission.