Leveraging the locational advantage of Shanghai as the international financial center, the world-class faculty team, extensive network of experts from financial industry, government and enterprises, and close cooperation with world famous institutions, the FMBA Program has created a unique education model that combines theoretical study and experiential learning. The goal of the program is to cultivate international financial leaders with global vision and profound finance knowledge on both international and local market. In addition, FISF utilizes the resources from Fudan University, FISF and the financial industry to help the professional development of students.

The international module of the program is not limited to study abroad and transfer credits. We collaborate with world famous institutions in order to offer joint degree and qualification certificate, as a way to realize “PT+” added value education.

Top faculty team from academia and industry
Our faculty are professors from world famous institutions, as well as experts from financial industry, government and enterprises. The teaching methods thus combine both theoretical knowledge and experiential learning.

Program Feature

Our original “1+3” model replaces the traditional “2+2” model. The first semester is for compulsory courses and the following three semesters are for elective courses. This model is optimal in achieving course flexibility and individual preference. It also facilitates the study of an intensive international module in the second year.

Unique curriculum design
The design of curriculum strikes a balance between the depth and width of professional knowledge. It is designed using latest research, which covers the frontier theoretical work and financial hotspots.

Three alumni networks
The DBA, EMBA, FMBA and EMF Programs are integrated and share the same alumni resources in Fudan University, FISF and the financial industry.