Program Overview

Make your impact in shaping the future of global finance.

FISF FMBA PT+ is a part-time, two-year Finance MBA Program offered by Fudan University, one of the most prestigious and selective universities in China. Located in the world's leading financial city – Shanghai, the program is tailored to professional managers wishing to develop their Asia Pacific network and preparing to take on global leadership positions in financial sector.

Program at a glance

Program Length

2 years




Mainly in Chinese

Campus Location


Degree Awarded

MBA Degree issued
by Fudan University

Start Date


Class Profile



70% of Students'age range

8 Years


Average Work Experience
Range: 3 - 21 years



Management Positions



Finance Industry



Bachelor Degree or Above



Female Ratio


Our faculty are Professors from world famous academic institutions, as well as experts from financial industry, Government and enterprises. The teaching methods thus combine both theoretical knowledge and experiential learning.

FISF Faculty List:

Program Features

01 Rigor, Relevance, Responsibility

Rigor - Developing Interdisciplinary-backgrounded talent;
Relevance - Experiential LIVE Learning;
Responsibility - Unique L.I.T.E. series courses.

02 Unique “+” Concept

The international module of the program is not limited to study abroad and transfer credits. We collaborate with world famous institutions in order to offer joint degree and qualification certificate, as a way to realize “PT+” added value education.

03 Three Alumni Networks

The DBA, EMBA, FMBA and EMF Programs are integrated and share the same alumni resources in Fudan University, FISF and the financial industry.