Dean`s message

As a full-time Finance MBA designed for passionate, self-driven young talent, the FMBA FT+ program at FISF, Fudan University builds excellence through three core ideals: rigor, relevance and responsibility.

Rigor is the foundation of the program, provided by exceptional faculty and industry experts in and outside of FISF, generating some of the most cutting-edge research in the field. In addition, interdisciplinary knowledge of law and technology is integrated in the curriculum so that students can understand in depth how finance fuels growth and how innovations in finance shape the future of our life.

Relevance is delivered through experiential LIVE Learning, commitment to professional development, deep industry interactions and truly global outlook and exposure. We invite industry adjunct instructors to push students go out of the classroom and tackle real-world business challenges. Students are also offered opportunities in their FMBA journey to visit top global financial centers in the US and Europe via our Overseas Module, or even obtain additional master’s degree at FISF’s prestigious partner schools.

High ethics and high responsibilities are extremely important for people who want to make an impact in this ever volatile world of finance. That’s why we promote responsible leadership in the Finance MBA education through our unique series of credited course L.I.T.E., to inspire future leaders in finance.

FISF Full-time FMBA is not just a MBA degree with finance knowledge.

You’ll meet like-minded, passionate young talent who also want to take the opportunity back on campus to reassess their true passion and future career.

You’ll make a most important step forward on your career path upon graduation, which will bring a lot of opportunities ahead of you.

And more importantly, at the end of your FMBA journey, become a better person.

Welcome, we look forward to seeing you here at FISF Full-time FMBA. Join us!