Bachelor degree holders with three years'work experience or Master/PhD degree holders with two years'work experience till September 2023

Proficiency in English

All backgrounds, nationalities welcome

Application Procedure

Step 1

Submit complete online application

Step 2

Background assessment

Step 3

Attend prequalification interviews

Step 4

Register for joint national examination on master in management

* No need to take the joint national examination for international applicants.
* For Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan applicants, entry examination of these regions needs to be taken instead of GRK exam.

Application Timeline
  • Round
    Application start date
    Application Deadline
    Interview Date
  • 1
    17th August 2022
    18th November 2022
    27th November 2022
  • 2
    19th November 2022
    30th December 2022
    15th January 2023
  • 3
    1st January 2023
    10th March 2023
    26th March 2023
  • 4
    11th March 2023
    7th April 2023
    16th April 2023
  • 5
    8th April 2023
    19th May 2023
    28th May 2023
Q & A
  • What is the enrollment scale of the full-time financial MBA program in 2023?

    The full-time financial MBA program plans to enroll students in one class in 2023

  • What is the interview process?

    The full-time Finance MBA program is a program taught in English, and the interview is also conducted in an English environment. Each student will participate in individual and group meetings in the form of leaderless group discussion.

  • Do you have to attend the pre-trial interview to apply for the Fudan oceanwide gold fmba ft+ project?

    Yes, we have a pre-trial for all staff, so we must participate in our pre-trial interview before referring to the national joint examination, and there is no normal batch interview. The pre-trial interview starts from April every year by November.