Bachelor degree holders with three years'work experience or Master/PhD degree holders with two years'work experience till September 2024

Proficiency in English

All backgrounds, nationalities welcome

Application Procedure

Step 1

Submit complete online application

Step 2

Background assessment

Step 3

Attend prequalification interviews

Step 4

Register for joint national examination on master in management

* No need to take the joint national examination for international applicants.
* For Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan applicants, entry examination of these regions needs to be taken instead of GRK exam.

Application Timeline
  • Round
    Application Deadline
    Interview Date
  • 1
    1st September 2023
    10th September 2023
  • 2
    29th September 2023
    6th October 2023
  • 3
    17th November 2023
    26th November 2023
  • 4
    22th December 2023
    7th January 2024
  • 5
    16th February 2024
    25th February 2024
  • 6
    8th March 2024
    17th March 2024
  • 7
    8th April 2024
    17th April 2024
  • 8
    5th May 2024
    18th May 2024
Q & A
  • How many intakes does the full-time financial MBA program have each year?

    The full-time financial MBA has one intake per year. The next incoming class begins in September 2024.

  • Do I need to attend an interview? How is the interview structured?

    Yes, we require an interview for all applicants. In most cases, applicants will be interviewed by three interviewers. Each interview is approximately 20 minutes long and will be conducted in English. Interviews will be offered at Ganglu campus in Shanghai or online (for overseas applicants).

  • What is the tuition fee for full-time financial MBA program in 2024?

    The tuition fee for international students is CNY 458,000 ( two years ). Students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan please refer to the tuition fees for mainland students.

  • What application materials are required?

    All application documents should be submitted online. A completed application includes:
    ● Application form
    ● Essays and video essay
    ● Two letters of recommendation
    ● University degree and certificate
    ● University transcript
    ● ID or passport
    ● Certificate of No Criminal Record
    ● Business card (if applicable)
    ● Corporate sponsor statement (if applicable)
    To start your application, please click here.

  • What kind of scholarships can I apply?

    We offer various scholarship to high quality candidates who successfully enrolled in FMBA FT+ program. The maximum amount and coverage of scholarship could up to 100%. For detailed information of scholarships, please click here.

  • I work in the IT industry. Will I find the modules too hard?

    The FMBA FT+ program is accessible to students from different backgrounds. For students who have no experience in the financial industry, the program can help them lay a solid foundation of financial knowledge and improve their ability to put financial theory into practice. There is no need to worry about not being able to understand the lessons.