• Introduction to Probability and Data with R

    Linear Regression for Business Statistics

    Foundation of Accounting and Finance


    Academic English

    Chinese Language Learning (International Students Only)

Year 1 Course

Core Disciplines

  • Module 1

    Financial Accounting


    Statistics and Decision Making

    Principle of Finance & Valuation

  • Module 2

    Investment Banking

    Macroeconomics, Policy, and Regulation

    Portfolio Theory and Behavioral Investing

    Corporate Finance

  • Module 3

    Fixed Income

    Risk Management & Derivatives


    Entrepreneurship, VC&PE

  • Module 4

    Organizational Behavior and HR Management

    Strategic Management

    Hedge Fund

    Wealth Management

LIVE Project

(Learning through Integrated Vicarious Experience)
Each learning module consists of 6 weeks in class learning + 2 weeks of experiential LIVE learning. Students can choose their most interested area for the following LIVE Learning.

In each module, students will take part in LIVE Learning project where they are tasked to tackle real-world financial challenges and practice knowledge learnt into real business cases in top financial companies.

L.I.T.E. Program

L.I.T.E. program stands for Leadership, Innovation, Team spirit and Ethics. It's a series of credit courses that focuses on these ever-demanding qualities without which students can't make a real impact in the ever-volatile world of finance. Through L.I.T.E, students are challenged to shoulder responsibilties, think out of the box and inspire others back in workplace.

Summer Intern

Summer internships teach real-world skills, advance your education through experience, and allow you to test your new skills from your first year of the FMBA FT+ program

Year 2 Course

Elective Disciplines

Despite Finance Core Courses, in this academic year, students are given the opportunity to specialize in their areas of interest.

  • Advanced Behavioral Finance

    Advanced Corporate Finance

    Advanced Financial Accounting

    Application of Blockchain in Finance

    Art Investment

    Big Data Financial Analytics

    Chinese Business Organizations

    Chinese Securities Law

    Green Finance

    Marketing Research and Marketing Strategy

    * Subject to change


The thesis is an in-depth individual research study of a particular issue within the field of finance. It will outline understanding of current theory and literature, describe in detail methodology of data gathering, outline the evidence gathered, analysis and interpretation.

Overseas Modules

To give our students a truly global outlook and exposure, we offer them two study away opportunities each academic year to breathe the pulse of finance in top global financial centers. These overseas modules will be taught in New York, Boston, Frankfurt, and London, etc.

ELO Extended Learning

Extended Learning

The ELO offers a wide range of extra-curricular training, with the aim to instill professionalism in our students and to equip them with the non-academic knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the workplace. Extended learning course topics include communication, time management, leadership, teamwork, innovation and so on.

C.A.R.E. Program

Sustainable development, green initiatives, social innovation, art/music appreciation, culture and lifestyle, cultural diversity, art and investment…
C.A.R.E. Program simplify the process of acculturation and enable the international student to get accustomed to a learning process. It strives to open students’ minds, inspire and to support in their transition to become a responsible, creative and positive individual.