• Introduction to Probability and Data with R

    Linear Regression for Business Statistics

    Foundation of Accounting and Finance


    Academic English

    Chinese Language Learning (International Students Only)

Year 1 Course

Core Disciplines

  • Module 1

    Financial Accounting


    Statistics and Decision Making

    Principle of Finance & Valuation

  • Module 2

    Investment Banking

    Macroeconomics, Policy, and Regulation

    Portfolio Theory and Behavioral Investing

    Corporate Finance

  • Module 3

    Fixed Income

    Risk Management & Derivatives


    Entrepreneurship, VC&PE

  • Module 4

    Organizational Behavior and HR Management

    Strategic Management

    Hedge Fund

    Wealth Management

LIVE Project

The FMBA FT+ program incorporates both the teaching of financial theory and the practice-oriented LIVE (Learning through Integrated Vicarious Experience) project, developing students’ grasp of theory as well as their problem-solving skills. Under the joint guidance of professors and industry leaders, students form study groups of 4-5 and use the theoretical knowledge learned in class to solve practical problems in the business world. In this process, they can form an in-depth and systematic understanding of finance. LIVE learning. Students can choose their most interested area for the following LIVE Learning.

The LIVE project runs through the entire FMBA FT+ program. Students will work with a LIVE career mentor from the corresponding industry in each module and gain insights into every sub-sector of finance.

L.I.T.E. Program

The L.I.T.E. (Leadership, Innovation, Team Spirit, and Ethics) program runs through the entire FMBA FT+ program. Through lectures, forums, workshops, and company visits, it helps students deepen their understanding of self and others, find their unique leadership styles, and think out of the box. The program also includes a series of humanistic appreciation and public welfare activities, which cultivate team spirit, broaden students’ horizons, and enhance their sense of social responsibility and mission.

Summer Intern

As one of the compulsory courses, summer internships improve students’ ability to put financial theories to practice and pave the way for a career in finance.

Year 2 Course

Elective Disciplines

Apart from financial courses, cross-disciplinary elective courses are incorporated into the program to train new compound talents for the financial industry in the high-tech era.

  • Advanced Behavioral Finance

    Advanced Corporate Finance

    Advanced Financial Accounting

    Application of Blockchain in Finance

    Art Investment

    Big Data Financial Analytics

    Chinese Business Organizations

    Chinese Securities Law

    Green Finance

    Marketing Research and Marketing Strategy

    * Subject to change


The thesis is a compulsory part of FMBA FT+. Students who have completed the required credits and passed the thesis defense will be awarded a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and a graduation certificate from Fudan University.

Overseas Modules

FMBA FT+ provides study abroad opportunities at prestigious overseas universities for students every year. These overseas modules last for one to two weeks. Students are required to take at least one such module during their study.

The International Dual Degree Program -- Columbia University (Optional)

Students who participate in the dual degree program can convert some of the credits earned at the School of Engineering, Columbia University into credits of FMBA FT+. They can also obtain degrees from both institutions after meeting the graduation standards of both.

  • ● Master of Science in Financial Engineering (MSFE)
  • ● Master of Science in Operations Research (MSOR)
  • ● Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA)
  • ● Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE)
  • ● Management Science and Engineering (MS&E)

The International Dual Degree Program -- University of Wisconsin (Optional)

Students who participate in the dual degree program can convert some of the credits earned in the Global Real Estate Master (GREM) Program at the University of Wisconsin into credits of FMBA FT+. They can also obtain degrees from both institutions after meeting the graduation standards of both.

  • ● Real Estate Finance
  • ● Real Estate Capital Markets*
  • ● Real Estate Valuation and Feasibility Analysis*
  • ● Commercial Real Estate Development*
  • ● Real Estate and Urban Economics*

ELO Extended Learning

Extended Learning

The ELO offers a wide range of extra-curricular training, with the aim to instill professionalism in our students and to equip them with the non-academic knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the workplace. Extended learning course topics include communication, time management, leadership, teamwork, innovation and so on.

C.A.R.E. Program

Sustainable development, green initiatives, social innovation, art/music appreciation, culture and lifestyle, cultural diversity, art and investment…
C.A.R.E. Program simplify the process of acculturation and enable the international student to get accustomed to a learning process. It strives to open students’ minds, inspire and to support in their transition to become a responsible, creative and positive individual.