Qingping Nie

学历信息:Ph.D. in Economics, Wuhan University

研究方向:China's Economy, Macro Finance


Qingping Nie, Special-Term Professor of Policy and Practice in Finance at Fanhai International School of Finance in Fudan University, Chairman of China Securities Finance Corporation Limited.

Professor Nie’s research interests mainly are China's Economy, Macro Finance, etc. He was formerly a bureau inspector of the institutional department of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. He served as the deputy director in the Market Section of the Financial Management Department of the People's Bank of China, deputy director of the Issuing Department, Overseas Listing Department and International Business Department of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Besides, he was the secretary of the Hong Kong Joint Working Group of the Securities Affairs in Mainland China as well as the vice president, acting president and Party Secretary of EverBright Securities Co..

He earned his doctor degree in Economics from Wuhan University.

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