Yongheng Deng

学历信息: Ph.D. in economics, University of California, Berkeley

研究方向:Evaluating Conditions in Asian, China’s Real Estate and Housing Markets




Yongheng Deng, Special-Term Professor of Finance at Fanhai International School of Finance in Fudan University, Professor and John P. Morgridge Distinguished Chair in Business at Wisconsin School of Business, University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Professor Deng’s primary research interest is in evaluating conditions in Asian and China's real estate and housing markets. He has published his research works in leading economics and finance journals such as Econometrica, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Urban Economics, Review of Finance, China Economic Review, European Economic Review, Capitalism and Society, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Journal of Money Credit and Banking, Real Estate Economics, Journal of Housing Economics, and Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics.

Professor Deng has served as the 50th President of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA), the first Asian to be elected President in the Association's 50-year history.

Professor Deng holds a Ph.D. in Economics from University of California at Berkeley in 1995.

(Updated by July 2021)

  • Yongheng Deng, Xin Liu, and Shang-Jin Wei, One Fundamental and Two Taxes: When Does a Tobin Tax Reduce Financial Price Volatility?, Journal of Financial Economics, 2018, Volume 130, Pages 663-692.