Yu Shao

学历信息:Ph.D. in Finance, Fudan University

研究方向:Global Macroeconomics, China Macroeconomics, Equity Bond Investment Strategy, Financial Engineering


Yu Shao, Special-Term Professor of Practice in Finance at Fanhai International School of Finance in Fudan University, Chief Economist and Chief Strategist of Orient Securities Company.

Prof Shao's research interests include Global Macroeconomics, China Macroeconomics, Equity Bond Investment Strategy and Financial Engineering, etc. He has served as deputy director of Development and Reform Commission, Shanghai Baoshan District, and deputy dean of International Finance Department, and CFA programme director of Fudan university, then he has been the head of Research Centre in Southwest Securities Company, and the Chief Analyst of Hongyuan Securities Company. He was once the John Swire Visiting Professor of Oxford University. Besides, he was the director of China Chief Economist Forum, director of Shanghai Institute of International Finance and Economics, member of 50 Forum on New Supply-side Economics. He was also one of the experts of Monetary Policy Committee (MPC). He was awarded “Young Economists of China” in 2014 and “Top 10 Young Economists of Shanghai”.

He earned his doctor degree in Finance from Fudan University.

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