Fudan-Stanford CFTRA

Institute for China Financial Technology and Risk Analytics(FS-CFTRA) is a platform for strategic cooperation established jointly by Financial and Risk Modeling Institute(FARM). This platform is now administered by Fudan Fanhai International School of Finance. The FISF Research Center at Fudan University, adhering to its long-cherished mission—Excellence, Responsibility and Innovation, strives for an open platform combined with Politics, Industry, Education and Research through a gathering of those high-end financial talents from not only academic and industrial circles, but also governments and international organizations at home and abroad. The Research Center not only plays a critical role in cultivating financial talents of new generation as well as enhancing scientific research and cooperation among nations, but also undertakes crucial tasks in top-class discipline construction of Fiscal and Financial Science.

FS-CFTRA will make full use of the academic advantages at Fudan University, Stanford University and related international institutions in the fields of finance, economics, statistics, mathematics and computer science. It keeps tracking the frontier information of global financial science, technology and risk management and utilizes those information and technology of Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and block chain, etc. to carry out scientific research, develop products and promote financial innovation in the core areas of financial science and technology, quantitative investment and risk management. In the meanwhile, it provides more accurate investment advisory and risk control services for financial institutions, economic entities and regulatory departments.

FS-CFTRA includes staff mainly from Fudan University, Stanford University, University of California, University of California, Berkeley, Columbia University, Princeton University, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, Yale University, MIT, New York University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Wisconsin, and the London School of Economics and Political Science, National University of Singapore, University of Hong Kong and other well-known universities at home and abroad, as well as engineers from many famous financial and technological enterprises in Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York and Silicon Valley.

The main research interests of FS-CFTRA include quantitative investment, risk management, science and technology supervision, inclusive finance, financial security, and theoretical and applied research based on big data, artificial intelligence and block chain technology. FS-CFTRA will fully mobilize the resources from both academia and industry, devoting itself to providing strong theoretical and academic support for the innovation and reform of the country, local government and enterprises, and effectively solving the practical problems faced by financial science and technology in the process of serving the development of real economy.