FISF Green Finance RC

Affiliated to FISF at Fudan university, Green Finance Research Center is a research think tank based on China’s Green Development Strategy and focuses on its research in the field of green finance. It takes theoretical research, talents cultivation and policy consulting as its critical mission. In the meanwhile, it undertakes important tasks like promotion and trainings, practice and exploration as well as cooperation and exchanges related to green finance.

In 2018, Green Finance Research Center has finished 7 Research Reports on Green Finance, involving Research on Green Finance Competitiveness in Yangtze Delta metropolises, Green Transparency Policy of Enterprises, Development of Carbon Finance Market, Development of Green Supply Chain Finance in China, etc.

Meanwhile, it has hosted more than 10 conferences and salons on Green Finance and invited over 500 people including those famous scholars at home and abroad, government officials and heads of financial institutions. In addition, it has held 10 more Green Finance Research Activities in Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangsu, Beijing, Anhui Provinces and finished several research reports. Also, the Research Center has opened a Wechat Public account ( Wechat ID: 复旦绿金) as well as its own website ( Besides, it has made a Fudan Green Finance Message, which is used to regularly release various kinds of research results, activity and policy information related to Green Finance at Fudan University. What’s more, it has co-initiated “Green Finance Research Alliance” and promoted exchanges and cooperation with other famous universities and research institutes, such as Tsinghua University, Central University of Finance and Economics, Renmin University of China, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, China Executive Leadership Academy in Pudong, China Institute of Green Finance, Zhejiang Leadership Academy of Ecological Civilization, Quzhou People’s Bank of China, Financial Affairs Office of Quzhou People’s Government, Ernst & Young and British Insurance Group, etc.