FISF Green Finance & Development

The Green Finance & Development Center at FISF, Fudan University is a leading independent think tank providing research, advisory services, and capacity building for financial institutions and regulators to use green finance to address climate change, biodiversity loss in China and internationally. The Center’s vision is to build a green and sustainable global economy by providing evidence-based research to develop relevant policies, financial instruments and best practice cases.

The team of the Green Finance & Development Center works with partners globally, including universities, think tanks, governments, financial institutions, enterprises, regulators and NGOs. The Green Finance & Development Center currently focuses on these four topics:

-Green Belt and Road Initiative, where the team works e.g. with the BRI International Green Development Coalition (BRIGC) under the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) to use green finance to accelerate greening of China’s major overseas engagement and investment strategy;

-Green Innovation Finance, to study the application of financial technologies (fintech) and green technologies to create opportunities through higher efficiency, better transparency in financial transactions and reporting, and faster scaling through better finance of environmental technologies;

-Biodiversity Finance, to develop opportunities and strategies for financial institutions and other relevant partners to accelerate a nature-positive development to stop the destruction of biodiversity and accelerate a regeneration of nature.

- ESG (Environment, Society and Governance) to develop standards for reporting and investments, as well as studying and supporting corporate governance and the work of corporate boards in financial institutions.

The Green Finance and Development Center runs its own website: to share relevant research, updates and publications. To contact the team, please send an e-mail to