FISF Fintech

Based in Shanghai, Fudan University has over a one-hundred year old history as one of the top universities in China. Our alumni have been instrumental in developing and leading the most prestigious finance institutions and related government organizations in the country.

The Fanhai International School of Finance (FISF) at Fudan University is the premier internationally-focused economics and finance school in China, focusing on high-end financial talent education and financial research. Established at the end of 2016, FISF was endowed with 1 Billion RMB (US$150mm donation), the largest single donation to higher education in the history of China. This has allowed us to build a world-class faculty, which include industry experts such as the chief economists of Goldman Sachs and HK Monetary Authority. The Chairman of Academic Council was formerly the chief economist for Asian Development Bank and member of the exclusive China Finance 40 committee, which represent the 40 top finance leaders for China industry and government.

There are a number of leading finance-related institutes and centers under the Fanhai International School of Finance. The FISF Fintech Research Center (FFRC) is a national-level research center that combines a variety of qualified researchers, scholars, experts, and thought leaders in relevant industries, academic disciplines, and NGO/government organizations. We are associated with the China Institute of Economics and Finance, another national-level think-tank that conducts research and gives government policy and recommendations on topics such as finance innovation, industry strategy, and government regulation. We are collaborative with an associated Fudan-Stanford Institute for China Financial Technology and Risk Analytics (FS-CFTRA) focused on finance research and innovation. We also have very strong media partners such as Xinhua News Agency (official mouthpiece for communist party) and China Daily.

The Fintech Research Center is engaging with top international experts around the world to set up active research programs in fintech regulation, blockchain/distributed ledger use cases, tokenonomics design and theory, business model innovation, crypto-economics, e-governance, consensus policy, financing innovation, etc. We have a very applied research focus to link technology-driven research output to form industry collaborations. This comes at a time when the central government is strongly signalling support to develop the blockchain industry. Many of the top finance, real estate, insurance companies are our strategic partners and are extremely interested in conducting testbeds for practical commercialization traction. Sample projects underway include real estate tokenization and fractional ownership business model innovation to crypto-bond and blockchain auditing for Belt and Road infrastructure projects. We welcome open collaboration with our various research programs in these strategic topics that will shape the industry.

The Fintech Research Center is specifically focused to provide a window for the international experts community to collaborate and interface with China to develop novel research, thought leadership, and collaborations with FISF academics and China’s industry and government organizations. We invite thought leaders and industry experts to apply to become Visiting Scholars in our program.