Student Testimony | What our students say


Here at Fanhai International School of Finance, Fudan University we strive to make our course programmes, study portal, materials and learning experience as good as we possibly can. Take a look below to see what current/perspective genuine FISF FT+ students have to say about us.

Jerry CHEN

FMBA FT+ 2021 Intake

The reason why I choose FMBA FT+ is to make the smooth career transformation. During my previous job related more with post-investment, the deeper passion in the field of front-end work such as PE and M&A transaction was discovered. However, the lack of financial professionals and experience disturbed direct career switch. What FISF attracts is not only the culture and history from Fudan University but also strong support of Professional Development Centre (PDC). The transformation will never be an easy way, but the PDC consisting of experienced staff focusing on financial MBA career development really encouraged student who chose FISF. PDC customized the appropriate path solely based on myown case. Furthermore, services such as Resume optimization, Mock Interview improve the chance for hunting intern. These benefit the land of my target via every progress.

Kefira ZHANG

FMBA FT+ 2021 Intake

After about 3 years working experience, I thought it’s the best time forme to take a pause, explore more about myself and the job market, to find a career direction which matches my interest, characteristics, advantages, and background. That is why I come to FISF, a platform with abundant resources, which provide a lot of possibilities for me to explore and try. We have started our Module 1 study, including 4 courses (Microeconomics, Principles of Finance and Valuation, Corporate Finance, Statistics and Decision Making), both theoretical and practical. In Corporate Finance class, professor explains theories with thought-provoking cases, which gave us real understanding about financial practice in the real business world. The one-month experience is fulfilling with new classmates, new friends, new courses, and new internship. I enjoy discussing career questions with classmates and teachers, and in this way, I get more understandings on each people, and found every of them is unique and nice.

Paul FAN

FMBA FT+ 2021 Intake

After graduation from Fudan University, I spent 5 years designing andinvesting several games. Then I found I really enjoyed researching and trading in the secondary market. The first reason for me to choose FMBA FT+ program of FISF is of course my career goal. I want to be a great fund manager in the secondary market. And the second reason, is during the process of this application. Every member of faculty shows their kindness, and they really care about what I want to achieve. And I can see different shining points from all my future classmates. I am really looking forward to achieving my career goal with them.

Nico LI

FMBA FT+ 2021 Intake

FISF is an ideal choice for postgraduate study after experiencing workplace. In FISF, we come with a steady goal to pursuit a different career path in finance industry with or without previous relevant experience. FISF is where people from all career backgrounds can participate in a diversified financial world. A diversified background maybe more valuable in MBA stage in that it granted you a more precise industrial view in research and analysis. Furthermore, the most attractive aspect of FISF for me is the atmosphere of cooperation and sense of unity in one community. All classmates you met in FISF will surely become the closest connection you will have when you go back to workplace.

Mr. Deng

FMBA FT+ Fast-Track Early Offer, 2022 Intake

The reason why I choose FMBA program is that I want to reshape my career path and find my final destination via 2-year fulltime study. You will not only enroll in this program as a student, but contribute yourself to this excellent program. The most beneficial course to my career development is learning through Integrated Vicarious Experience. All participants combine what they have learnt in the class with what they will deal with real case in the workplace under the supervision of professor and mentor. And they cancultivate their understanding of theoretical knowledge and form their own experiences.

The interview totally stimulate the modules you will learn in this program: you will learn the industrial insights, your future lecture, from our professors; colorful activities  provide you with the chance to mingle with other people in your future career; Each part in your interview has its special meaning. You will not only take part in this interview itself but also get to know the future life in this FMBA program.

Mr. Liu

FMBA FT+ Fast-Track Early Offer, 2022 Intake

After comparing with many other programmes, I finally decided to pursuit my higher academic qualifications at Fanhai International School of Finance, Fudan University. As I believe that the rigors and diverse curriculums at FMBA FT+ could help me realize my career dreams. I did encounter some issues during the application, for example, for me, the English interview was stressful, especially I have to speak English over 20 minutes, it is necessary to prepare and practice oral English in advanced.  I also appreciate that Admissions Officers have always support me at every state of my application procedure patiently. In short, you can feel the inclusiveness and professionalism that FMBA FT+ provided to each student together with an excellent platform to help all students chase their financial dreams.