Encounters with the winter, grows in the busy study Review on Exciting Activities of FMBA FT+ in November


In November 2021, the cold air in the early winter brings the flow of time and changes the views of the city, but what remains unchanged is the determination of students in the FMBA FT+ program of Fanhai International School of Finance, Fudan University in pursuing their dreams. As the first module came to an end and the second module officially started, a wide range of wonderful activities were held for students to have a break from the busy study, which not only enriched students’ out-campus life but also stimulated their diversified development.

Western Etiquette Culture and Rock - Climbing Experience

FMBA FT+ students ushered in the unique L.I.T.E Course. Through a series of cultural appreciation and public welfare activities, the course cultivates teamwork ability, broadens vision and pattern, enhances social responsibility and sense of mission, so as to shape future financial leaders with social responsibility and innovative spirit.  Through the L.I.T.E. Course in November,  what impressed students most were the Western Etiquette Culture and the Rock Climbing Experience.

FISF is determined to cultivate future financial leaders with an international perspective, and table manners in business situations are also an important part of these young talents’ future work. In the experience part of Western Etiquette, students did not just learn catering collocations and dining sequences, but more importantly, students developed a further understanding of the significance and necessity of the western etiquette in international business contacts.

The rock-climbing activity required both excellent balance and high levels of attention and concentration. Students constantly challenge themselves during the climbing process,, and eventually strengthened their confidence after climbing to the top.

Interactive Drama Play  “All the Money in the World”

Halloween Themed Events were successfully held by the class committee and student ambassadors of FMBA FT+ program.  The Interactive Drama Play “All the Money in the World” led the students to experience a huge "financial storm" from scratch to dust, and students tried to separate important clues from numerous strands of information, in-depth analysis of the rapid changes in the financial market.  Each student acted as a “banker” who tried to achieve domination aggressively through buying and selling games like stocks, bonds, hedge funds and high-risk investment, to devise strategies between government regulations and borrowings, and to figure out how to achieve geometric growth of wealth through investment and speculation.

As a highly internationalized business school, the school also designed the course of CARE in China for international students of FMBA FT+ and EMF programs in order to build a harmonious and diversified language surroundings and cultural environment so that international students can further experience the Chinese culture. In this course, students can fully experience the  Chinese tea culture, get close to the Chinese art market, and explore the architecture, histories and local flavor of Shanghai by wandering the city.

The Second “FISF Cup” Student Basketball Match

On November 13, 2021, the second "Fanhai Cup" basketball Match kicked off with enthusiasm. Students from FMBA FT+ and  EMF participated in  presented a high-level basketball match for the audience.

FMBA FT+ and FMBA PT+ students gathered on the basketball court and staged a friendly basketball match.   In the friendly match, both sides launched a fierce competition, and the score rose alternately. And the players struggled, the tacit understanding with the match is extremely exciting intense, climax after climax exciting. The students who are watching the game outside the court also cheer for all the players.

Thanks Giving Day

Coincing with Thanksgiving Day, all students of FMBA FT+ prepared Thanksgiving cards and gifts for professors, admissions teachers and classmates to express their gratitude in sincere language.

FISF is a big and warm family for young talents with clear professional planning and vision, who are determined to return to the campus and pursue career in the international financial industry. . The school lays a great emphasis on cultivating students’ professional knowledge and wishes to exert positive and profound influence on their future professional development through two-years study.